About the Artist

Visual Artist and Facilitator


Leanne is a graduate of The University of Toronto in psychology and fine arts.
Her focus of study was the use of the Mandala across cultures. Mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning “mind circle” and is an art form used across cultures to access deeper states of mind. Through her travels, personal practice and continuous studies, Leanne explores our innate power to create and shares this knowledge with others.
In her workshops Leanne facilitates participants in accessing and expressing their own creative power through the use of sound and the visual arts.
The workshop begins with the participants being guided into a very relaxed state while listening to the sound of a live drum. Drumming has been shown to send listeners into a restful alpha brain wave pattern. Time spent in this state has proven to lower blood pressure and benefit overall wellness.
Participants then engage in an intuitive painting exercise where they will create their own Mandala while staying in a calm, relaxed, receptive state.
By creating their own unique Mandala, participants recognize and gain deeper access to their universal creative force.