Artist’s Statement (Landscapes)

My landscape paintings are both a study of the physical and metaphysical. The earthly dimension and the unseen dimensions of light are a source for my creativity. I strive to depict the beauty and colour of our natural world infused with the multidimensional reality of light.

With expanded awareness, a powerful silence is perceived underlying the creative energy of nature and within that silence, an intrinsic vibration of light. Sometimes when I am out in nature I can “see” the vibration of creation and everything is just particles of light massing together to form objects. I witness the deconstruction of form into the formless and back into form again. I am inspired by nature; deconstructing trees, hills and sky into colour, lines, form and space.

I am strongly influenced by artists who blend their artistic world with their spiritual world although I cannot see a separation between the two. Canadian artists such as Lawren Harris and Emily Carr whose art making was a part of their spiritual journey; Russian born Mark Rothko who developed a powerful luminosity to his work as he worked in abstraction and expressionism; Norval Morrisseau, who originated the woodland style of painting depicting the spirit within humans and animals, and Georgia O’Keefe, who was a master of colour, and changed forever our perception of the intimate world of flowers.