Artist Statement (Mandalas)

Mandala is a Sanskrit word from Ancient India meaning center, circumference, or mind circle. Throughout history the circle has been an important form of expression in human culture. From the far eastern traditions of the Tibetan Buddhists who create circular designs as a practice of meditation, to the indigenous peoples of Africa, Europe and North America whose ancient rock carvings depicted spirals, circles and similar designs, the circle as a form of expression transcends cultural boundaries.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychotherapist, adopted the Sanskrit word Mandala to describe the circle drawings he and his patients did. Jung associated the Mandala with the Self, the center of the total personality and suggested that the Mandala is a reflection of the natural urge to grow towards wholeness and live out our potential as the Self.  According to Jung, the Self can be thought of as a kind of central point within the psyche to which everything is related and which is itself a source of energy. This center is not felt or thought of as the ego.

Using acrylic and gold leaf on canvas I create Mandala paintings to express the process of unfoldment. It is my intention the viewers will be inspired and uplifted towards their own enfoldment while experiencing these paintings. May you experience the power of expansion towards your own center.